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Opinion about recent idols

My idea this time is that the professional workers such kind of idol and gravure who often upload their photos on Twitter and Blog don't have a strong pride as professional better than people who don't do like that.because it means that there are no worth to pay money for their photo books, CD jackets and PVs to look their beautiful looking and smiles...and so on. (you can imagine all of materials as model

If they were chosen on formal selection by steering community, it was that they have ton of good talents in their looking.
even though today the top of officer think we can earn the money well by their work.

However I think they totally don't understand their worth as pro workers.
They don't understand how uploading their photo everyday on free type of service like web will impact on formal working in the future job.
On this condition, everybody don't need to pay the money for formal products to watch them because there are ton of photos on SNS.

Of course it is good situation that everybody can check their beautiful face and body by accessing to SNS.
But it is bad to upload their face in photo every day every night every time
because I think the demand that people want to pay the money to watch will decrease day by day.

people think...oh we don't need to pay any money to be given their service!! they upload everyday!!

To become pro worker, they need to manege how to upload their good body.
I think pro who don't upload photo every day have strong pride in their mind better than uploading people.
I realized that paying the money connects to get perfect works.


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